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In trying financial times, some people still do well.

      Are you interested in being with the victors or the victims?

Southland Investments is a fee-only advisory firm specializing in no load mutual fund/ETF trend tracking and investing. Our unique methodology has preserved the lion’s share of our investors’ capitol in the recent market collapse as well as in the downturn of 2000.

Has that been your experience or that of your clients? If not, perhaps a change is in order.

We currently have a limited number of openings for Registered Investment Advisors who are looking to escape from the traditional investment scene.


  • Introduce our Trend Tracking method of investing to your market area via seminars, articles to local newspapers, talks and involvement in community activities.
  • Follow up with prospective clients and set up new accounts at our custodian (Charles Schwab & Co.).
  • Respond to inquiries forwarded to you by us
  • Establish, maintain, and nurture positive client relationships

Company Support

  • We keep you well versed in our methodology and are readily available to you for updating and making sure you are clear on what’s going on as we view the market
  • We maintain a daily blog and would allow you to post your own articles on it to gain visibility and recognition as an expert in the Mutual Fund/ETF field.
  • We have a broad outreach via advertising and the internet. Inquiries from clients in your area would be forwarded to you for follow-up.

Required Skills

  • In-depth understanding of Company’s products and services
  • Ability to work on your own and be a self-starter
  • Computer literate with MS Word, Excel, Access, Outlook (we’ll train on special programs)
  • Genuine positive and outgoing personality
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Public speaking experience or ability
  • Good understanding of the financial markets (as much as anyone understands them)
  • Must be a people person with a genuine desire to help and make a positive difference

Licensing/Other Requirements

  • RIA license required (Series 7 not necessary)
  • Business background helpful

If you are a new advisor, or if you are seasoned and don’t enjoy having to face angry clients during the current market meltdown, we are open to hearing from you. We are expanding our physical representation throughout the United States, so your current location is not an issue.

If you are already aware of our methodology, feel free to submit your resume with a cover letter outlining why you feel we would be a good match and what you think you can contribute by being affiliated with our firm.

If you’re not familiar with our trend tracking approach, your first step would be to subscribe to and read our free newsletter and Statsheet, check some of our blog posts, and review Reader Questions to gain a thorough and clear sense of our methodology before submitting your resume.

Resumes should be submitted in PDF or Word 2003 format to (

If you have more questions about what we do and how you might participate, feel free to email us with your questions.