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Contact: Ulli G. Niemann, Registered Investment Advisor
18685 A-Main Street #606
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Toll free: 866-580-6764

For Immediate Release:

INVESTMENT EXPERT TELLS HOW HE HELPED CLIENTS ELUDE THE BEAR IN 2000 Offers Weekly Newsletter Containing Expert Advice to Help People Invest with Confidence Again

Huntington Beach, CA--Investors who failed to pull their money out of the stock market before the beginning of the bear in 2000 will forever remember the seemingly endless days they watched their money being sucked down the drain. Almost three years later, investors still have not regained enough confidence in the stock market to risk buying during this downtrend, despite Wall Street analysts and brokers claiming the bear market to be a great buying opportunity.

According to investment advisor Ulli Niemann, investors don't have to be afraid to put their money in the stock market, so long as they have a clear strategy for taking profits if things go their way, or taking small losses if they don't. "Without a plan," says Niemann, "You aren't investing; you're merely gambling."

With his weekly investor's newsletter, Niemann hopes to provide hesitant investors with the advice and information they need to construct a plan, enabling them to invest with low risks and high returns, no matter what the state of the economy.

Niemann was one of the few investment advisors who saw the October 2000 bear coming and was able to place his clients' money in positions of safety while the market was still close to its peak. How was he able to predict the October 2000 downturn? According to Niemann, guesswork and instinct have little or nothing to do with wise investment decisions. "A methodical, objective approach with clearly defined Buy and Sell signals is what separates the safe investors, who will continually earn a good return, from the risk-takers who lost their shirts since 2000," says Niemann.

Ulli Niemann provides easy to understand and applied advice, techniques and strategies in his FREE Newsletter. For more information or to subscribe, visit .

Contact Ulli Niemann by phone at 714.841.5804 or email to