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                Minimize Your Loss,
                                 Possibly Enjoy Some Gain,
                                                Even When the Market Is Falling

The SimpleHedge Strategy provides a practical approach YOU can apply to protect your portfolio in troubled economic times.

The SimpleHedge Strategy

Hedging is not a new idea. However executing an effective hedge has traditionally been more complex than most investors – even fairly sophisticated ones – want to tackle.

That has all changed with the SimpleHedge Strategy. Now you can develop your own hedge plan and eliminate sleepless nights from your investing experience.

This FREE report is written in language even novice investors will appreciate. It makes its case using easy-to-follow facts and figures grounded in actual market scenarios that were tracked during this century. And it explains how anyone willing to invest a bare minimum of time and energy on the computer can create a their own hedge that will preserve their portfolio values and potentially even keep them in positive earnings territory.

What we’ve found out by applying “what if we had done this” models during various periods in market history is fascinating. Some of the comparative results we calculated using real situations may blow your mind. The information you will come away with from reading this may save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. And the cost is FREE.

Click here for your FREE e-Book download and see if the SimpleHedge Strategy makes sense for you.

Why do I give these reports away for free

I have built a pretty successful business managing No Load Mutual Fund and ETF portfolios. Many of my clients have come on board because they read what I had to say either in my free weekly newsletter, my blog, or in a free report. They tried out what I suggested, got good results, and sooner or later decided it was simply easier to pay my modest management fee rather than have to hassle the details of investing themselves.

Of course, many people just take my information and do their own investing. That’s fine with me. If what I learn can help all of us do better in the market, that’s great.

So, enjoy these free resources, and feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about my fee-based investment service.