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Investing today is possibly more perilous than it has ever been before. While never really predictable, the contemporary investment market certainly seems to have a mind of its own, unresponsive to the usual factors many investors have come to rely on.

Maybe you like the adrenaline rush of the wild ride. However, if you're like me, you've worked too hard for your money to take unnecessary risks with investing. At the same time, I'll bet you want to make sure you are getting a good return when you do invest, whether it's with your discretionary funds, your retirement investments, a 401k, or IRA.

We have been successfully managing investment accounts following a methodical and measured approach. Safety balanced with growth are our two guiding factors. Over our nearly two decades of investment management, we have developed a no-load mutual fund trend-analysis method that has allowed us to maximize gain during market upswings, and cut to the sidelines when stock prices are falling. In fact, we moved all our clients' positions into the safety of money markets in October 13, 2000 when the market was still near its peak, so portfolios retained the lion's share of their gains (View Chart). This was not an emotional decision. It was just what our numbers showed us to do.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and they say that nothing is certain but change. However, with our program we have been able to work in the midst of change and prosper often enough to amass a respectable track record of success.

Though our investment management clients have enjoyed peace of mind, excellent asset growth, and a good measure of security in working with us, we know that some people prefer to do their own investing. So, we are making our information and insights into market trends available to you. And we are offering it FREE.


Because we know that if you follow our recommendations and have success with our free product, there may come a time when you will need one of our other services like personal investment management. That's where we not only provide the information, we also handle the investment details. So you can put your time and attention where it will do you the most good (like in your business or on the golf course!).

We believe that our integrity, knowledge, and genuine concern for helping people secure their financial future will put us at the head of the line should you ever be looking for someone to manage your investment account, or for assistance in setting up or maintaining your 401k or IRA.. 

We invite you to CLICK HERE to register for our FREE weekly e-newsletter and investment update. It will let you know how the statistics indicate the market, and no load mutual funds may be moving, and what investments we think will serve investors best-and why.

Here's what you get absolutely FREE:

  • Our weekly newsletter detailing market trends
  • Our recommendations for No Load Domestic Equity Growth Funds, International Equity Growth Funds, Domestic Bond Funds, International Bond Funds and more.
  • Detailed momentum analysis of all the funds we investigate
  • Custom tracking of your personal 401k choices (those that are publicly traded)
  • FREE phone/e-mail access to Ulli Niemann, a registered investment advisor

If you sometimes feel like you're in a battle with your investments, our e-newsletter might be just the ammunition you need to win.

It's FREE, and we promise we will never, ever, sell or share your contact information with a third party. Period.

So, please do try our newsletter. Once you see what it provides, perhaps you will find other ways we can support you in realizing your financial objectives. Whether you go further than our newsletter or not, we hope to establish a long and rewarding relationship with you.


Ulli Niemann
Registered Investment Advisor